Tips to make money on Twitch

Streaming platforms such as Facebook Gaming or Twitch are becoming increasingly popular, especially among video game players, who have found in them an alternative to YouTube, where they can monetize their creativity and closely connect with their communities of followers.

Twitch, the Amazon-owned platform, has several different ways to monetize its channels than YouTube offers, so we thought of explaining how to make money with Twitch:

Make money as an affiliate

To enter the referral program, it is necessary to comply with certain aspects such as the release of at least 8 hours in the last month, in a period of at least 7 different days. For affiliates, these are the ways to make money on Twitch:

Paying subscribers: This is the main source of income for most Twitch channels. Content creators keep 50% of the amount paid by subscribers, although in the case of channels with more than 10,000 viewers, the distribution will be 70% for content creators and 30% for the platform. Pay users to remove ads from channel, access additional functionality and have facility to talk and chat with channel creator.

Sales: During broadcasts, Twitch may display shows about the game the broadcast device is playing, as well as related merchandise. In case of sale, the owner of the channel gets 5% of it.

Bits: This is the currency of the platform and can be purchased from the platform itself, with a minimum transaction of 100 bits for 1.53 EUR.

Earn money as a partner

To become a partner, you must have an average of 25 hours of replay, spread over at least 12 days. At the same time, it is necessary to have an average of 75 viewers in the last 30 days.

Advertising: Partners have the same monetization options as affiliates, but they can also earn money with their own ads during broadcasts. Additionally, they have better customization options for their channels.

Other ways to make money with Twitch

Donations: As a result of the integration of Streamlabs, a monetization and growth of broadcasting software, on Twitch, content creators can receive donations from their viewers.

-Streamion: Streamion is an automated platform for video ad integration, right in the stream. Simply put, these ads work like TV ads. It is a direct monetization option, and does not require an affiliation.

Sponsorship: Some brands or services may pay for their logos to appear on broadcasts. It doesn't have to be something very flashy, sometimes it's enough for a streamer to consume a certain type of soda while streaming or to wear a branded piece of clothing.

Affiliate platforms: Twitch users can use their affiliate links from Amazon, Aliexpress, or any other platform, to make profit by selling products or services.

-Commerce: The most popular live broadcasters usually have a brand image, and therefore, many have their own products that they can sell to their communities.

-Streamloots: These are sets of interactive cards created by streamers, depending on which card the user has, the user can change the name of the stream or challenge the creator. These cards are usually sold in chests (hence the word "loot") and can be used by the user at any time.

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