This is what reactions to messages on WhatsApp would look like

This is what reactions to messages on WhatsApp would look like 

It's been known for a few weeks that WhatsApp is integrating reactions into its instant messaging system, which will allow users to respond to any message with a surprised, sad or tearful face, among other options.

It's an already popular tool on other social networks - for example, on Facebook, where reactions were launched in 2016 to supplement the "Like" button - and other platforms have also been integrated over the years, such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

WhatsApp is now developing it, as WABetainfo discovered by analyzing the source code of its beta version. At the moment, this functionality is not even in the testing phase, but it is in development, but we already have more information on how it works and a screenshot of how it works has been posted.

In principle, WhatsApp will not have a static chain reaction - as it does on Facebook, where users have six options - but will allow itself to interact with any emoji, which is a differential change.

In the screenshot shared, seven reactions are seen. This may be the last seven a user has used to reply to a message, but that doesn't mean they are the only possibilities they have to reply to a message.

The reactions will appear in messages so that person - or the people who make up the WhatsApp group - can see who responded and how. A counter will be displayed, although the number of reactions a message can have will be apparently unlimited.

Also in the source code of the WhatsApp beta version there is a message that says 'You have received a reaction. Please update your WhatsApp version for feedback. This indicates an upcoming app update to include this new feature, and that users will be required to update to the new version and view and use feedback.

When this will happen is unknown, as WhatsApp has not released an official confirmation of the dates, nor has it officially stated that it is working on reactions, despite the evidence that proves it.

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