The iPhone will be able to detect mental problems


The iPhone will be able to detect mental problems

iPhones can quickly become devices capable of alerting the presence of mental health issues. With this, Apple will open a new stage in its work to monitor the health status of its users, and is now betting on mental health.

With a mobile device almost always attached to the user, a mobile device loaded with more sensors and equipped with more and more versatility and accuracy, at some point the use of detected parameters must come to detect conditions such as anxiety, depression or cognitive decline.

All this will be achieved through the detailed study of the data provided by the mobile phone thanks to its multiple sensors, which would take into account sleep patterns and specific behaviors and activities associated with the presence of some of these mental health conditions, such as changes - in facial expressions or in breathing and heart rhythms.

The analysis will be done on the iPhone itself and the data and results will not be shared in any case with Apple's servers, which leads to Apple's concern about privacy, especially in such a sensitive section as the one related to personal health-related information, a topic many users are aware of due to the high proportion of health monitoring applications that shares the collected data.

Apple is working with a group of 3,000 volunteers whose activity is monitored over three years in a joint effort with the University of California, using both the iPhone and the Apple Watch, as well as a series of questionnaires that participants must fill out periodically to see the development of their mental health, as well as take measurements Different, such as the hormonal presence of cortisol in the hair follicles.

In parallel, Apple has implemented a two-year joint project with the pharmaceutical company Biogen regarding early detection of cognitive decline that can prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease. In this program, 20,000 participants were studied, half of whom are at risk of developing cognitive impairment.

Apple will develop a function capable of alerting the user if any of the symptoms associated with the aforementioned deteriorating mental health conditions are detected, in order to be able to go to medical care as soon as possible and favor early diagnosis.

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