Telegram includes four important updates


Telegram incorpora cuatro importantes novedades

Telegram includes four important updates

Telegram usually updates the app every end of the month to add new functionality, but in September, the company did not wait for the last days to arrive, but just introduced four additional news that are already available to all users of the app.

The news provided by Telegram is as follows:

- New Topics for Individual Chats: The app introduced eight new themes that can be applied to private chats. Developed by the company's designers and according to Telegram in the coming weeks more. Each of them includes message bubbles of different colors and gradients, animated backgrounds, and background patterns. Additionally, each one has its own "night mode" and will follow the app's night mode settings.

New topics can be chosen by both the user and the person with whom you are chatting. This way it will be easy to get to know them and it will be easy to distinguish some chats from others, especially if they are on different topics, such as friends, coworkers, etc.

To choose a new chat on Android, you need to tap on the chat header > ⋮ > Change colors. On iOS, tap on the chat header > ⋯ > Change Colors. It is necessary to use the latest version of Telegram.

Interactive emojis. Now Telegram integrates emojis that generate animations and vibrations. When both users - sender and receiver - are online at the same time, they will run simultaneously on both phones. They only work in private chats and if both users have the latest version of Telegram installed.

- Small group reading affirmations. In Telegram, messages sent to a group are marked as read (✓✓) as soon as a member sees them. From now on, the user in small groups will be able to select a message he sent to see which group members specifically read it.

Of course, it should be borne in mind that these read receipts are stored only for the seven days after sending the message.

Recording live broadcasts and video chats. Now administrators can record live streams and video chats, so they can have a historical archive of everything that's being streamed.

To record a live broadcast or video chat - whether video or audio as if you just want to record audio - simply touch ⋮ or ⋯ to open the cast menu and start recording. When the recording or sending is finished, the file containing the live recording remains in the Saved Messages folder.

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