Telegram exceeds 1 billion downloads

The Telegram instant messaging app has already been downloaded a billion times around the world, allowing you to access a restricted club of apps with so many downloads (which is not directly equivalent to installs or users).

In fact, it is estimated that the total number of Telegram users exceeds 500 million people worldwide, especially after the changes to the terms of use of WhatsApp, which caused users to migrate at the beginning of this year. For reference, it is worth noting that WhatsApp has more than 2000 million users around the world.

According to data provided by Sensor Tower, Telegram could have joined the select group of apps that exceeded 1,000 million downloads which combined Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, Spotify and WhatsApp so far... only fifteen members .

Telegram is an application that is widely used all over the world, especially since the inclusion of new rules on privacy in WhatsApp, when a large number of users decided to bet on Telegram on a WhasApp account. However, it holds some markets where its presence is particularly successful and provides it with the largest number of its users.

Currently, the country with the largest presence is India, with 22% of downloads, followed by Russia (10%) and Indonesia (8%). 2021 was a critical factor in Telegram's growth, having so far achieved more than 214 million downloads, far exceeding 133 million downloads during 2020, representing a growth of 61%, driven by the migration of the aforementioned millions. of WhatsApp users.

It should be clarified that the number of installs does not imply direct parity with the number of active users. In fact, Telegram currently has about 500 million active users. This happens because the same user usually installs the platform app on more than one device (smartphone and tablet, for example), so they can use them interchangeably.

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