Most downloaded apps every year in the last decade

Most downloaded apps every year in the last decade 

Currently, the most downloaded app in the world is TikTok. The social network of short and editable videos of Chinese origin has topped the download lists for both Android and iOS mobile phones for two years now, but... that wasn't always the case.

What other apps have you downloaded the most in recent years? How have download trends evolved? These questions were answered by a study by consulting firm App Annie called "The Evolution of Social Apps" which was, year after year, for 10 years, the 10 most downloaded mobile apps.

The report shows that social networking and instant messaging applications have been, for a decade, the most downloaded applications in the world. However, not all of them have developed in the same way in recent years.

Facebook was the most downloaded app in the world in 2012, the first year the study analyzed it. It was repeated the following year and in 2016, while it was the second most downloaded app for the rest of the years, except for 2015, when it ranked third, which also took place this year 2021 (with data from the first semester).

10 years ago, YouTube was the second most downloaded application in the world, but the video social network owned by Google has lost its power in the number of downloads to the point that it has not even entered the top three in the past two years.

Something similar is happening to Skype, which during 2012 and 2013 ranked third among the most downloaded applications in the world and in the past five years did not even make it into the list. However, in recent years, in addition to TikTok, other still-powerful apps have been hacked, such as Likee (especially in 2019 and 2020) or the Netflix app.

In 2021, after TikTok is Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, followed by its largest competitor, Telegram, which in 2020 ranked seventh and now ranks fifth. The emergence of the CapCut application also stands.

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