Watch the Juventus and Milan match broadcast live

Watch the Juventus and Milan match broadcast live

Today 23 - 1 - 2022 in the Italian League

Watching the Juventus and Milan match, live broadcast of the match that takes place at Allianz Stadium at nine o'clock in the evening, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, within the fourth round of the Italian League, via our website, gemy2. .

Milan played a great match against Liverpool in the first round of the Champions League. Although Milan lost three goals to two, the Italian team presented a fiery meeting and managed to turn the table on the Reds in the first half and came out ahead with two goals against a goal, and the Italian team will discuss today's meeting. His strong showing and his continuation of achieving positive results in order to maintain the lead, especially after Inter Milan's victory over Bologna in yesterday's meeting, the Milan team started the season by defeating Sampdoria with a goal without a reply, and then beating Cagliari by four goals to one. , And the Football Association in the third round against Lazio with two goals without a response.

Milan will suffer in today's meeting in the absence of the Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who suffered an Achilles tendon injury during the Lazio match in the third round of the league. Therefore, he decided today not to be with Milan at the Juventus website, and press reports stated that Milan coach Stefano Pioli is still confused about his matter to compensate for the Sultan’s absence and did not make the final decision regarding the payment of anyone. From the duo and Vivier Giroud or Ante Rebic leading the attack, especially after the wonderful performance of the Croatian international in Liverpool's last Champions League meeting, and the coach asked to resolve the matter hours before the Juventus summit. The Milan coach said that a team may suffer in today's meeting from the absence of the main right-back David Calabria, who suffers from a muscle injury, especially since the player conducted some tests that showed that he suffers from elongation of the flexor muscles. In the right thigh, he will not be able to participate in today's match against the Italian giant, and beIN Sports has also abandoned broadcasting the Italian League matches. To the new season, we will offer you to watch the Milan match today via your website, Yalla Shot Today.

On the other hand, Juventus is in a very good technical condition after the strong performance of the Italian national team against Malmo Sweden in the Champions League and winning the treble without a response. Juventus will consider today's meeting to return to the path of victories at the local level and get out of the defeat against Napoli in the last round of Calcio. Juventus are starting to wake up from the shock of Ronaldo's departure and the team is starting to find themselves again.

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri praised Milan's strength in the recent period and said that his team will face a very strong opponent and it is difficult to predict the outcome of the match. Half the chances in today's session to get out of the last defeat and achieve victory and return to the top.

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