How to Transfer Your WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Samsung Phone

How to Transfer Your WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Samsung Phone 

WhatsApp announced a couple of weeks ago that it has started rolling out the functionality that allows you to transfer your chat history from iOS to Android. This allows you to transfer all of your content, including voice messages, photos, and video, from your iPhone to your new Android mobile phone.

Currently, this is now available for any Samsung mobile phone running Android 10 or later. WhatsApp has announced that it will also reach other models very soon, and the method of operation will be the same.

An intriguing thing about the whole process is that during the transfer of documents, WhatsApp ensures that it cannot access the contents in any way, so the privacy of those documents and conversations that you are going to migrate will be respected: no one will be able to access their content.

What content can you migrate from iPhone to Samsung phone

If you change from an Apple mobile phone to a Samsung phone, you should know that you can transfer all of the following: your account information, profile picture, one-to-one and group chats, chat history, multimedia files and settings.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that you will not be able to transfer the call history or the display name.

How to Migrate WhatsApp Content from iPhone to Samsung Phone

First of all, you will need to install the Samsung Smart Switch app on your new Android device. You must ensure that it is version of the application or later.

In addition, in the new phone you will also have to install WhatsApp, with at least a version of Android Of course, you will also have to install WhatsApp on the previous phone.

Another consideration: You must use the same phone number on the new phone that you used on the old device. Once you are sure of all this, you should do the following:

Turn on the Samsung mobile and, when prompted, connect it with the cable to the iPhone. Follow the instructions in the Samsung Smart Switch app.

When prompted, use your iPhone camera to scan the QR code displayed on the new device. On the iPhone, click on Start and wait for the process to complete.

Continue setting up your new Samsung device the usual way. When you get to the main screen, open WhatsApp and log in with the same phone number you used on the previous mobile.

Now press Import and wait for the process to complete. When you have finished activating the new device, you will be able to see all your chats and all your information on WhatsApp very easily.

Keep in mind that all your data will continue to be kept on your iPhone mobile, unless you erase or delete WhatsApp.

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