How to share videos without audio on Instagram

How to share videos without audio on Instagram 

Instagram has many functions for editing videos that are recorded with the social network camera, or those that can later be used to post a story or that can be shared directly with other users through direct messaging.

However, not all users are aware of the various functions that Instagram offers for customizing videos. Thus, while in Stories, one of the most requested options is the ability to add music to videos - something some users haven't activated yet - when sharing a video, one of the requirements most users ask for is the ability to do so without audio.

This is because sometimes they just want to send a gif, or maybe because of a bug in the audio, or an inappropriate comment from a specific person that spoils what the video itself is. If you want to share video without audio, you must know that it is very easy.

How to share a video without audio on Instagram?

All you have to do is record the video with the Instagram camera - not with the mobile phone - to access it by sliding the screen to the right. You will have to record the video normally, as you would under any circumstances.

Once you have finished the video, you will proceed to the filter selection part. Look at the icons at the top of the screen and you'll find an icon that looks like a speaker.

All you have to do is tap on it, and you'll see an "x" icon appear next to the speaker. This means that the content is muted. If you now share it with your friends via direct message, it will be sent without any sound, just as you like.

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