How to make a video call with a famous person


Cómo hacer una videollamada con un personaje famoso

How to make a video call with a famous person

A few months ago we talked about mobile applications that allow you to call a famous person and ask them to send us a personal message. These apps are very popular when, say, your loved one's birthday arrives, where you can ask your favorite singer or actor to send you a birthday message.

It is just one of the applications. It can also be used to surprise a friend or wish someone who is not in good health a speedy recovery. There are many apps of this style that abound in the app stores, but the most famous one is Cameo.

This is one of the most used applications and also it has a larger catalog of famous people who offer their services for money (because yes, asking a famous person to send us a message has a cost). The amount varies depending on the claims of each celebrity - they themselves determine the price they want to charge - and the type of message requested. Obviously, a 20-second message doesn't have the same price as a 5-minute message, for example.

But now, in addition to allowing celebrities to send "recorded" messages to users, Cameo is going a step further and has just launched video calls with famous personalities. This gives an additional possibility, of course, that it will be more expensive - the famous person must be available in front of the camera and cannot record video when he wants and send it - but this will surprise more of those who want to entertain.

The new option is called "Cameo Calls" and it is now available. It allows you to have short video chats with famous people, and at the end, it provides a memorial photo. At most, video calls can last 15 minutes, according to Cameo, and the average price is currently $31, although we'd say the amount always depends on the amount set by the celebrity.

Interestingly, Cameo has already launched a similar option called “Cameo Live” in 2020, but video calling is being developed through the Zoom app. However, Cameo shut down the service last April, probably because it wanted to restart now without relying on Zoom, but as its own functions within Cameo. More information in this video about «Cameo Calls»:

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