How to hide photos received by WhatsApp on your mobile phone


Cómo ocultar en el móvil las fotos recibidas por WhatsApp

How to hide photos received by WhatsApp on your mobile phone

One of the most unknown WhatsApp options, which can greatly help improve our privacy, is the one that allows us to hide the images that are sent to us through chats in the mobile gallery. In this way, some of those embarrassing or inappropriate pictures that are sent to us via WhatsApp can be hidden so that no one who is reviewing our gallery will find those nonsense that is usually sent to us by our friend group. .

Without the need to install any external application, and in just a few steps, we guarantee that your WhatsApp photos will be hidden from the prying eyes of those who check your gallery. First, we will explain how to hide the photos you receive from a specific WhatsApp conversation or group:

- Click on the chat or group: Once you know the chat you want to hide, enter it and click, in the top bar, on the name of the person or group.

- "Watch multimedia files": when you click on the name of the contact or group, a tab with several options is displayed. Click "Watch multimedia files". By default, the option “Default (yes)” will be selected in this box. What you should do is modify this point by passing it to No.

In the event that you want to hide all the photos that WhatsApp sends you directly, the process is somewhat different:

-Adjustments: On the top right, in WhatsApp, an icon with three dots appears. By clicking on this icon, a tab is displayed with several options, among which "Settings" must be selected.

- “Visibility of multimedia files”: Under the settings section, the “Chats” option must be entered. When you do this, you will see the option to "Watch multimedia files", which is activated by default. Deactivate it and the photos from the gallery will not be mixed with those in WhatsApp.

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