How to download subtitles from YouTube videos


How to download subtitles from YouTube videos

Subtitles in YouTube videos cannot be downloaded directly from the platform itself. Whether from the website or from iOS or Android apps, this possibility is not available to those who need this text.

Fortunately, there are many web pages that offer this service, among them Savesubs. The resulting file can be of the type SRT, which is the most common in terms of translation, but also in TXT, which is a plain text format, which can be processed from any text editor.

To extract subtitles from a YouTube video, you must first have the URL link of the video itself, as this will be the information that will be provided to Savesubs so that it can access the said data.

Savesubs has a box where you can include the video URL, and the process is as simple as clicking the Extract and Download button. When the process is complete, the web will display the various available subtitles associated with the video, as well as the languages ​​in which they appear.

Only if the video has no subtitles, the option to download subtitles automatically by YouTele will appear (if the original video has this option), although in these cases it should be borne in mind that due to the automatic speech recognition process, there may be There are errors in the text. Finally, the option for the type of file you want to download the text (SRT, VTT, or TXT) is displayed to continue saving it.

Savesubs also provides the ability to translate the subtitle text into another language not included in the video. Here you must select the desired language and select the option “Translate and download”, in this case, only the resulting file is displayed in the SRT format.

Savesubs also provides configuration regarding modifications to subtitle content in case you want to remove parentheses, brackets or note symbols among other plugins that usually appear as annotations in translation.

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