How to change your location to 'cheat' Netflix


Cómo cambiar tu ubicación para ‘engañar’ a Netflix

How to change your location to 'cheat' Netflix

If you are starting to get bored with the series and movies that Netflix offers you, there is a little trick to cheat the platform and get to another bulletin board. This trick is to change your location on Netflix in such a way that the platform, which offers different content in each country, will show you the series and movies that they stream, for example, in Germany.

Officially, a Netflix user can only change their location if they have already moved to a new country. However, here we will resort to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to circumvent control of the platform and pretend we are in another country.

These are the steps you must follow to change your location on Netflix:

Choose and download your VPN: To change your location on Netflix, you can choose a paid or free VPN. Both do their job, but paid VPNs tend to be faster and available in more locations. A free VPN, for not requiring you to log in with a user, may help maintain anonymity. However, it is also common for these VPNs to sell your data and may be infected with spyware.

Once you have made that decision, download and install the VPN on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

-Choose the region: After installing your VPN, open the program and choose your new location. In general, these networks are quite easy to use. They usually have a sign that says "VPN servers", and from there you can choose where to connect. Find the country or region where you want to locate and connect to your network.

Unlock Netflix: Once your VPN is connected to a server in another country, you will only have to open Netflix. Without you having to do anything else, the platform will actually show you the catalog of series and movies in the region you are in.

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