How to activate the magnifying glass to enlarge the screen on Android


How to activate the magnifying glass to enlarge the screen on Android

If your eyesight is starting to fail or you simply don't want to smash your eyes to see something on your mobile screen, then this tutorial is perfect for you. It may happen that, while watching or reading something on the phone, you do not appreciate the details well and want to enlarge the image or text. This is not always possible, so it is convenient to know how to handle the magnifying glass or "zoom" function on your Android phone.

This magnifier is an access tool that Android offers on almost all of your devices. This means that it is installed on your phones, but may be disabled by default.

Thanks to this application, a certain part of the screen can be zoomed in to appreciate the details. In short, it's something similar to what you can do with the photos in the gallery when you zoom in.

Here we explain how you can apply this magnifying glass in any of the applications on your phone:

- “Additional Settings”: First you have to access the settings folder of your phone. There you will find several tabs, and under the "System and Device" section you need to click where the words "Additional settings" appear.

- “Accessibility”: Among all the tabs in this section, you must enter the one that says “Accessibility”. In this folder you will find various options designed to facilitate the use of the phone and adapt it to the needs of each one.

This is where you will find the magnifying glass function although, depending on what mobile phone you have, it will have one name or another. On Samsung devices, it is labeled "Magnifier", but on other brands it may appear as "Magnifier" or "Magnifier".

Activation type: When you enter the Expand tab or Expand tab, the phone gives you a choice between different activation forms. Again, the options will vary depending on your mobile phone model, but in general there are two options. These expansion shortcuts consist of doing this by giving three clicks on the screen or by the so-called access button, which will be combined at the bottom of the screen.

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