How do you know if you are spying on WhatsApp


How do you know if you are spying on WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp is working to enhance the security of its communications, since the times when conversations weren't encrypted and it was enough to be on the same WiFi as some parts of the connection to intercept messages, there are still ways to intercept them (it will always be illegal if you don't have a court order). to do so), so it is pertinent to know how to detect this interference.

The main reinforcement that WhatsApp uses to protect communications made through this platform is end-to-end encryption for conversations and backups, which means that the message is encrypted on the device from which it is sent, and it is only decrypted by the recipient. This prevents the message from being read online between the two parties if it is intercepted.

However, by having physical access to a terminal where the WhatsApp account is active, the content of the communications managed by the said application can be accessed. To find out if someone is reading WhatsApp chats, follow these steps in this app:

Click on the three dots icon in the upper right.

Enter the "Linked Devices" section.

-Check the list of active sessions

- Check the time and compare it with the connections you were sure you made yourself

This information about active sessions also provides data about the type of computer and browser. So, if you usually use a Mac computer and Safari browser and a connection appears from your Windows PC and through Chrome browser and you are sure that you did not make such a connection, then most likely someone has access to it without permission.

In this case, just click on the said connection to delete it and cut off all access from the said source.

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