How do you know if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram

كيف تعرف ما إذا كان شخص ما قد قام بإلغاء متابعتك على Instagram

How do you know if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram 

It may happen that, from day to day, you see that your Instagram profile has lost followers. If you want to know who has stopped following you or who has stopped following you, there is a procedure that allows you to find out. Here we explain how to check which profiles you have unfollowed.

Of course, to start the process, you must have a list of "suspects" to investigate. Which is that more than gaining followers, the really hard thing on Instagram is getting those “followers” ​​who arrived one day to decide to stay because your posts matter to them. For this, it is better to develop an interesting content strategy on the social network. If you still think that someone has stopped following you, you can resolve your doubts by doing the following:

Suspicious Users: To do this, you must access the profile of the person you suspect has stopped following you. This means that the process can take some time, as there is no way to check at a glance which accounts you have unfollowed on Instagram. Once you make the list of suspects, you have to really check out the culprit one by one.

- « Follow »: When entering the Instagram profile of these users, you need to press at the top of the screen, where the phrase “Following” appears next to the number of profiles you follow. From there you will have to find out if you are among the followers or not. And is that Instagram, unlike Twitter, does not indicate whether a particular profile follows you or not.

-Search Bar: Once you enter the profile page followed by that person, you will see that the search bar appears at the top of the screen. Now you have to type your name in it, and if this person is following you, your profile will appear when searching. In the event that nothing appears when you type your name, and if you are sure that this profile follows you on Instagram, it means that you have been “unfollowed”.

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