Google is setting up Museletter, a tool for sending newsletters


Google prepara Museletter, una herramienta para enviar newsletters

Google is setting up Museletter, a tool for sending newsletters

Newsletters or mailing lists have been in use for decades and are a great digital marketing tool, but after a few years when blogs and social networks focused more attention on communication and dissemination of information and content, they were revitalized again. In fact, it is the social networks themselves that contribute to this through paid newsletter platforms, as is the case with Twitter, which has already launched Revue, or Facebook, which also has its own newsletter.

At Google, they are no strangers to this trend and are developing their own platform that allows them to periodically send emails to subscribers of mailing lists. It's a tool called Museletter and it's built on Google Drive.

Few details are known at the moment, as the creation of Museletter is an ongoing development by Area 120, Google's dedicated research and development division. Just a little data but it will be based on creating a public profile in Google Drive where the documents that will be shared through the newsletter will be stored, so that subscribers to said mailing lists can access the documents included in it by the author. This will allow Museletter to distribute all kinds of file formats.

The usual newsletter is an email message that can contain links to text documents, graphics, videos, PDF, spreadsheets... With Museletter, the newsletter can consist directly of the document that the subscriber can access.

The monetization part has not been forgotten, which is one of the incentives that have been added in the most recent iterations of the newsletter, such as the aforementioned Revue or Bulletin platforms. Thus, Museletter will allow its users to choose paid subscriptions.

For its part, and from what was inferred from the leaked information, Museletter had no cost to the author, although there are premium options that include custom domains.

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