Google Calendar releases statistics for paying users


Google Calendar releases statistics for paying users

Most social networks with corporate accounts make their own statistics available to these users which allows them to better understand the performance of their profiles. This is something that happens, for example, with company pages on Facebook, with corporate accounts on Instagram or with pages on LinkedIn, where the owners get information about the type of users they visit and interact with all their content, the interactions they generate ... and even more days of the week one or more activities appropriate for publication.

These types of stats are common in social platforms like the ones mentioned, but not very common in collaborative or time management products, such as Google Calendar, which is one of the productivity tools most used by users to organize their day to day in a simple way.

It's a tool that anyone with a Google account can use for free, but a user license can also be purchased by paying through Google Workspace (Google's productivity environment, with access to many other tools). Well, from now on, users who use Google Calendar through Workspace - that is, paid - will be able to access their own statistics on how they organize their time.

Google Calendar just launched a Time Insights section in this regard, which provides interesting data such as the number and time spent in weekly meetings or the amount of time spent working with each of the collaborators you meet. Hold meetings.

The idea is that by using Time Insights data, Google Calendar users who pay them can learn how to better manage their time. This is information that will only be visible to them - for example, it will not be shown to their superiors - so that they are aware of how they are managing their days and can take steps to make it better.

The data is temporally categorized as well by the types of meetings held. It can be filtered by the people you had a meeting with, to see, for example, the people you meet often over a certain period of time. To access this information, all you have to do is hit the "More Ideas" button on your Google Calendar (provided you have a Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, and Education Plus account). That is, it is not something that is available to all users.

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