Google acquires Playspace, a video and screen sharing tool

Google acquires Playspace, a video and screen sharing tool 

Google is enhancing its tools for hybrid work (face to face or remote) with its Workspace Productivity Suite, which just added a new tool with the acquisition of Playspace, a platform that allows video conferencing, screen sharing and different collaborators to work on a shared virtual desktop.

Playspace is defined as “a dedicated, flexible space for meetings, brainstorming, workgroup meetings and everything you need” to work collaboratively.

The main working environment of Playspace displays a list of appointments or pending meetings for the day in Kurdish, a list of people (contacts, collaborators, clients...) where their connectivity/availability status is indicated and finally a section of rooms, where virtual meetings are held and where a series of Interactive tools: a whiteboard to share diagrams or drawings, a space to write text or even the possibility that the whole group holding a meeting will hear the same sound (a background song or sound you should be working on).

There is also a tool that allows sharing of the desktop view of each of the participants and that allows active collaborative work. Another interesting feature of Playspace is its integration with Slack, which allows for recordings or live broadcasts, as well as the ability to create events in Google Calendar.

Playspace began offering its platform last April to a select group of teams, and has since been working on a global presentation that's supposed to take place next week, although it will now be integrated into Google Worskpace since it was acquired by Alphabet (a parent of Google Workspace). ).

This will make it possible to have some functionality in an integrated way such as those currently offered (although not integrated) Google Chat, Rooms, Jamboard or Docs, although at present it is not known whether it will be a standalone tool or whether it will be built in Gmail.

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