Facebook allows millions of celebrities to break its rules

Facebook allows millions of celebrities to break its rules 

Facebook's internal exclusion system allows 5.8 million Facebook users to avoid moderating content. These are actors, musicians, athletes, politicians... Celebrities and other highly influential personalities whose posts will not be subject to the restrictions that apply to the remaining billions of social network users and that are implemented under the code. XCheck name.

This protection, or immunity from moderation, allowed these privileged users more freedom to post information or opinions on their profiles on the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg because of the greater influence they had. This was revealed by an investigation by the Wall Street Journal indicating that this boosts traffic in the social network itself, in addition to the effect of such publications becoming newsworthy or popular to transfer such publications to other social networks or to the media, and thus Indirectly producing a certain "promotional campaign" for the social network itself.

Some former Facebook employees have confirmed the usual way in which the social network allows such exceptions and favors notorious profiles on social and media platforms. Known internally as XCheck, this permission is a response to restrictions on Facebook's content-modifying system, which combines both human moderators and the use of artificial intelligence, as well as an algorithm to censor malicious content, but in turn generates another series of problems.

The main reason is that once a user is included in this XCheck software, it becomes very difficult for brokers to take action against their posts, even if they bypass the rules of Facebook itself. An example of this is the accusation of football player Neymar of rape and he posted on his Facebook and Instagram accounts a screenshot of his WhatsApp conversations with the woman who accused him. Posts that show her name and location can be seen naked.

Any other user who posted this content would have seen Facebook delete it, but included in the protective canopy of XCheck, these Neymar posts got 56 million visits.

However, only 10% of content for users built into XCheck will be categorized as needing review by content moderators, but there seems to be little control over who can be added to this premium list, given that the vast majority of Facebook employees will be It has the ability to add users to that state. In fact, there won't even be a record of who belongs in such a privileged position, despite the potential risks of blocking or complicating content moderation for some users.

In 2018, Facebook acknowledged the existence of XCheck in addition to its multiple failures, and announced that it would end the franchise, but apparently nothing like that has happened, and in fact Zuckerberg himself has sometimes stated that Facebook doesn't want to be "truth arbitrators".

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