Watch the Barcelona and Benfica match broadcast live

مشاهدة مباراة برشلونة وبنفيكا بث مباشر 
اليوم 29-09-2021 في دوري ابطال اوروبا

Watching the Barcelona and Benfica match broadcast live in the match that takes place at Al-Nour Stadium at nine o’clock Cairo time, in the second round of the Champions League group stage competitions, via our gemy2 website.

Barcelona is playing today's meeting, raising the slogan "There is no alternative to victory" in order to compensate for the defeat it suffered in the first round against Bayern Munich with three without a response. The Barcelona team did not perform the expected performance in the first round and the team committed fatal defensive mistakes that caused the team to lose the three points In today's meeting, he won and collected the three points in order to revive his chances of competing for the qualification for the next round of the European Championship, especially after his defeat in the first round.

Barca will play today's meeting refreshed from the victory over Levante without a response, and the team will look in today's meeting for the continuation of its series of victories and the continuation of positive performances and going on the right path. He managed to score in his first appearance with the team after a long absence.

Barcelona has, during the past few hours, presented a new offer to the star Ansu Fati and Al-Dhibat, the boy of the first screen among the Barca fans, who want to keep him, especially after the departure of Messi and the beginning of a new era in a generation based on the youth of the club. Fati's contract ends with Barca next summer, but there A clause allowing Barcelona to extend for two more seasons without the player’s consent, and reports said that Matteo Alemani, Barcelona’s sporting director, made an official offer to Jorge Mendes, Fati’s agent, in order to immunize the player. 3 weeks and that Mendes is on a family trip in Qatar and when he returns he will sit with Alemani to discuss the Catalan club's offer and that Mendes, if he is in Lisbon these days, will end the issue of the new contract during the Barcelona match against Benfica, knowing that Fati informed Mendes of his desire to stay with Barcelona, ​​and the need to arrive to an agreement on the new contract.

On the other hand, Benfica is looking to exploit the factors of the land and the public in order to win today's meeting, collect the three points, and take advantage of Barca's recent stumble against Bayern Munich. Goals However, the team's loss of the last touch caused the match to end in a tie and the two teams shared the points of the meeting, and the team will look to exploit the half-opportunities in today's meeting in order to reach the Barca goal and collect the three points.

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