Apple presents its new range of iPhone 13 in four different models

Apple presents its new range of iPhone 13 in four different models

This afternoon, Apple introduced the new iPhone 13, an update to its smartphone that comes with the addition of some new features based on the previous model, iPhone 12, and again with four variants in terms of performance and device size.

In the end, there were no big surprises with the name of the new Apple smartphones. After months of rumors, the designation has slipped to 13 although development on the previous model wasn't too disruptive, so it could have been called the iPhone 12S without big surprises. Which is that the exterior is practically indistinguishable, being changes rather than the interior, so those who currently have an iPhone 12 will have to weigh carefully if it is worth changing to an iPhone 13.

As with the 12th generation, the iPhone 13 comes in four different variants, which can be recognized by the screen size and the different power it offers:

iPhone 13: 6.1-inch screen, price 909 euros.

iPhone 13 mini: 5.4 inches, priced at €809.

iPhone 13 Pro: with a 6.1-inch screen and a starting price of 1159 euros.

iPhone 13 Pro Max: with a screen size of 6.7 inches and a price of 1,259 euros.

The differences inside are minimal in terms of processor, as the four models carry the A15 Bionic with six cores, two of which are high-performance and four are high-efficiency. Combined with a redesign of the interior to accommodate new components, such as new cameras, this allows all models to improve range over the corresponding variant of the previous year.

The cameras, with improved optics, are on the 13 and 13 Mini models while the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models have a set of three cameras (plus a LIDAR sensor). With 12MP resolution and wide-angle optics, the new models allow you to take photos in low light and record video with the new Cinema Mode that allows you to select different focus levels within the same frame.

As for the display, the Pro and Pro Max models have Super Retina XDR with a variable refresh rate, capable of adapting from 10MHz to 120MHz depending on the use made on the display, something that improves the user experience and is also essential for improving battery life. .

As a great novelty, in the four variants of the iPhone 13, storage now starts at 128GB, being able to choose up to 1TB on the Pro and Pro Max models. In terms of colors, the 13 and 13 Mini models can be selected in Blue, Star White, Night Black and Product Red. The 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models are available in Alpine Blue, Graphite, Gold and Silver colours.

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