Watch the Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain match broadcast live

مشاهدة مباراة مانشستر سيتي وباريس سان جيرمان بث مباشر
اليوم 28-09-2021 في دوري ابطال اوروبا

Watching the Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City match, broadcast live, a fiery summit between manchester city vs Paris SG in the Champions League in the match that takes place at the Parc des Princes at nine in the evening Cairo time, in the second round of the group stage competitions in the Champions League via our gemy2.

It seems that football fans are on a date with a high-caliber match between two teams at the highest level, and the confrontation of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City will be fiery inside and outside the field, whether between players or coaches, especially since today's meeting will witness the first clash between Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino after the departure of The last about Tottenham to train Paris Saint-Germain.

Man City is playing today's match with heavy caliber, in light of the excellent results presented by the team recently, the last of which was the victory over Chelsea, the champions of the Champions League, with a goal without a response in the last rounds of the Premier League. In a row, after winning the first round against Leipzig, Germany, by six to three goals, in a meeting that witnessed the brilliance of the Man City players, whether on the offensive or defensive side, the team will look in today's meeting to exploit the high morale of the players in order to achieve the second victory in a row and maintain the top of the standings the group.

Paris Saint-Germain is going through a difficult period at the present time after the crisis that struck the team during the past few hours between the team duo Mbappe and Neymar, the French Kylian Mbappe expressed his anger at his colleague Neymar da Silva in the last meeting, the camera lens took a video of Mbappe on the bench after Draxler scored the goal The second, taking advantage of Neymar's pass, and the video clip showed that Mbappe complained to his colleague Gaia of Neymar's selfishness, saying: "He does not give me these passes," and the channel indicated that Neymar had a similar opportunity an hour after the match, but decided not to pass to Mbappe in this game. French reports indicated that the Argentine Lionel Messi, the new star of Paris, is the real reason for the crisis of the duo Neymar and Mbappe, especially since the two have been close friends on and off the field, since their association in the “Princes’ Garden” in 2017, and reports indicated that the relationship of the two became very tense after Messi’s arrival. To "Princes' Garden", and explained that the duo's artistic relationship inside the stadium is no longer as poetic as past seasons

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