How to transfer WhatsApp stickers to Telegram

How to transfer WhatsApp stickers to Telegram 

Stickers, the development of emoticons that expand the emotional context of a text, are one of the most versatile and popular additions to WhatsApp (possibly with phonetics). The messaging platform has made a firm commitment to them, allowing them to create their own animated stickers, implement a sticker search engine, and suggest them as to what text is being typed...with what can happen when a WhatsApp user encounters the barrier of losing your stickers when switching to Telegram.

Fortunately, this situation has a remedy as WhatsApp stickers can be transferred to Telegram. This can be done from a smartphone and a computer, although in the latter case you will have to use WhatsApp Web, an option that is not available in the mobile versions of the application or in the desktop version, WhatsApp Desktop.

Obviously there is an option to download stickers from WhatsApp and open them from Telegram, but it's a more complicated method, as it's easy to download entire packages by following these steps:

- Create a conversation with yourself: It takes place through the browser, by typing the address number with the country code in front. In the case of Spain, it will still be "" for the phone number 666 55 44 33.

-Send sticker packs: When you start an automatic chat in which the user will communicate with himself, the stickers you want to transfer can be sent to Telegram. In fact, this would be a good time to create your own packs by selecting those stickers you want to bundle or delete from a pre-made bundle those you don't want to keep.

- Download Stickers: From WhatsApp Web, you can right-click on each one by selecting the option "Save Image As", and you have to save all the stickers that make up the same package in their given folder with a different name.

-Create a pack of stickers in Telegram: After opening the Telegram app, you start a conversation with botstickers where you have to type the command «/newpack» (without the quotes, only what appears between them), which allows you to create a new pack of stickers.

Label the sticker pack: the name is written and then the stickers that will be part of it are added, first share the sticker image and then the emoji that will be called, because every sticker in Telegram is associated with an emoji that makes it appear when selected. This process must be repeated for each label in the package.

- Create a new pack of stickers in Telegram: finally the last step. Inside the same bot, type the command «/publish» (without the quotes, only what appears in between). Telegram will ask to add an image identifying the sticker pack to be used as an avatar, and eventually the bot will show the link to add the pack to Telegram.

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