What is Google Discover and how does it work


Qué es Google Discover y cómo funciona

What is Google Discover and how does it work

Google Discover is a Google search engine functionality that focuses on mobile search and offers users a series of content selected based on their interests, past searches, and consumer content. This selection is constantly updated and provides a way to find new content without having to search.

The main objective of Google Discover is to anticipate a user's search intent and suggest content that is likely to be liked. In short, the new search engine is trying to be proactive in offering users engaging content, even when they don't have any search in mind.

How does Google Discover work

Discover is only available to Android and iOS users through its mobile device app. In it, you will find a tab at the bottom, shaped like an asterisk, called Discover. By clicking on this tab, you will access the news feed specified by Google.

The information appears on the cards and the navigation is similar to a social network like Twitter, just scroll down. Cards contain a featured image, title, opening section, font, and date.

All content shown is recent and usually no more than four or five days old, although depending on themes, it may display older content. To determine this content, Google takes into account not only the searches you make while browsing, but also information about activity in other applications, voice recordings, audio recordings, location history, and data from other devices connected to Google.

In addition, the cards offer some options for the user to choose the content that best suits his tastes and which one is not. Among the functionality options, the user can select and delete the categories that appear under their own content, or create lists of their favorite content.

Why is Google Discover important for SEO

First of all, it is an excellent opportunity to gain visibility and generate organic traffic to a website. According to data from Google, the potential reach of Google Feed (the previous version of Discover) was 800 million monthly users in 2017, so the current number is very likely to be much higher.

In addition, it is an exclusive functionality for mobile devices, so thanks to the boom in mobile browsing, it is an ideal tool for improving the performance of website publications.

On the other hand, the contents that appear in Google Discover are determined by the user, so they will always be more than willing to click on them. In this sense, since it is structured content that does not respond to immediate needs, the use of Google Discover becomes a habit, as many users use it to discover new content.

How to improve a Google Discover web page?

Although little is known about how Discover actually works, Google notes that all content that appears in the selection is ranked #1 on Google as relevant content.

In this way, one of the first recommendations to appear in Google Discover is to create high-quality content with relevant information that is useful to users. To do this, you must create content that answers questions and matches the interests of the audience, following Google's guidelines, complying with EAT and providing the best possible user experience.

Next, it is very important that the entire web pages are optimized for mobile devices. To do this, the website must have a responsive or AMP design, which Google tends to give priority when it comes to positioning.

It is also recommended to use and optimize high-quality images by following the classic image SEO recommendations.

To appear for this job, you must comply with the Google News Policies and always post current, recent or high-quality content that answers all topic questions in depth.

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