This will allow WhatsApp to listen to the voice notes before sending them


Así permitirá WhatsApp escuchar las notas de audio antes de enviarlas

This will allow WhatsApp to listen to the voice notes before sending them

WhatsApp will allow those who record a voice note to listen to it before sending it, which so far cannot be done without resorting to a simple trick: exit the message after recording it without sending it, and search for it within the app's recordings. .

In the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, WaBetaInfo has discovered a new option that allows you to listen to a voice note by simply recording it before proceeding to send it, without having to resort to the previously mentioned trick.

It will be a new option built into a new version of the app's voice recorder that has been developed over the current version, which has already allowed blocking of recording activation facilitating the ability to do it in hands-free mode, right from the start. It was necessary to press the record button all the time while speaking.

This update of the WhatsApp voice recorder includes a sound wave indicator, a trash button that allows you to delete the voice note, a central button to stop the recording, and another button to send a voice note. In addition, along with the new audio recording playback function, it also allows you to move forward and backward by sliding your finger on the audio wave graph, so that you can search for a specific part of the recording.

Since it's an option in beta versions of both iOS and Android, it probably won't take long for the next updates for WhatsApp to arrive.

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