How to search for keywords in another language


Cómo buscar palabras clave en otro idioma

How to search for keywords in another language

SEO allows you to optimize a page or website for searches on Google and other search engines, in order to gain greater visibility and improve organic traffic to reach more users. In the same way that there is an SEO branch that focuses on local results, there is also a branch for those sites that want to gain international visibility.

International SEO has many benefits, for example the possibility of reaching a much larger audience, but it also has some disadvantages, since it is also difficult to place a page in a foreign country. This is because Google always gives priority to pages located in a country over results from foreign pages and sites.

One of the pillars of any SEO strategy is keyword research, in this case, when it comes to placing a web page in another country, it will be important to know the correct terms for it. In this sense, the following steps can be followed:

Keywords Research: The easiest way to start an investigation of this type is to start by studying the competition. To do this, you must identify the main competitors and analyze their keywords, trying to identify any content gaps they may have. It is also convenient to analyze which keywords are best to put and add them to the list.

Keyword Analysis: Once you have a list of all the keywords, you have to go through any keyword research tool, to configure the search for the specific country. In this search, all brand results should be deleted, as well as any results we are not interested in or represent negative keywords.

- Ask for results: The ideal is to create two papers, one for the keywords of the contest and the other for the ones we found in the search. In this sense, the columns should be created and the results ordered by relevance or monthly traffic.

- Filter results: The results should then be filtered, excluding any related result less than 50% of the list or less than 100 searches per month.

- Search for related keywords: To get more keywords and discover semantic results or long-tail keywords, it is possible to use other tools such as Answer Audience or LSIGraph that display results, related questions and all kinds of long-tail keywords.

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