How to improve website speed and basic web basics


Cómo mejorar la velocidad de una web y los Core Web Vitals

How to improve website speed and basic web basics

Google's latest algorithm update focused on user experience, introducing Core Web Vitals as a SEO ranking factor. These new metrics focus on improving the aspects that make websites easier to use, such as the speed at which pages load, as well as the stability of all their elements when loaded.

Web fundamentals consist of three different metrics: Largest Content Charges (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Transformation (CLS). They are all customized metrics for the user experience, specifically the speed of loading pages and websites, as this is one of the main factors that Google will focus on moving forward when placed in the search results page.

How to improve web page loading speed

Dynamic Content and Ads: CLS measures the time it takes to load dynamic content (embedded YouTube videos) and ads. In order for these elements to load correctly and not affect performance, it is necessary to configure the size and aspect ratio of the "boxes" that contain them using CSS.

Not without plugins: While plugins can be a solution to many problems, overloading can cause long load times and crashes (which can lead to 500 errors). Excessive use of plugins can increase server response time, which will affect the FID score. It is important to review the use of plugins and get rid of all unnecessary ones.

- Images: Images uploaded in real size and without optimization affect the LCP score, because they are very heavy items that take a long time to load. When uploading an image, the best thing you can do is resize it to the correct size, as well as reduce its "weight" as much as possible.

Delete Code: Google recommends that pages should contain as little code as possible. Any CSS or JavaScript code without actual use increases load times and negatively impacts user experience.

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