Google Meet will help correct echo in video conferencing


Google Meet ayudará a corregir el eco en las videoconferencias

Google Meet will help correct echo in video conferencing

One of the most annoying effects that occur in video conferencing through Google Meet are the echoes from feedback captured by the audio emitted by the microphone, which does not occur if headphones are used.

Google has announced a new feature for its Google Meet platform that improves the smart patch that has been applied so far when this annoying phenomenon that affects most video conferencing applications occurs. Which is that sometimes it is not easy for the algorithm responsible for correcting this effect to detect which of the participants in the video call is causing this echo, which is usually audible to the rest of the participants but not itself a cause. .

This bouncing sound is picked up by the microphone if it is too close to the speakers or directed toward the microphone, and is usually enough to move away from the speakers, turn the volume down, not stand in front of the speakers, or to avoid further complications, use a headset with a built-in microphone.

From now on, Google Meet will notify the participant responsible for this phenomenon with a red dot that will be displayed between the various option buttons of the video conferencing platform, as well as a text display of the event notification. By clicking on this notification, the help center will be called where recommendations to avoid this annoying echo (for other participants) will appear.

Google advises the gradual introduction of this new feature over the next 15 days, a feature that will also be available to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business users.

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