Cinco consejos para aumentar la generación de leads

Five tips to increase lead generation 

Potential customers are the visitors to your website who have the potential to become customers. A visitor becomes a potential customer when they take some action, such as subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an e-book, requesting a meeting, or requesting a trial of a product or service.

A lot of digital marketing strategy efforts focus strictly on getting leads, since it is so important for visitors to become customers to get the benefits. That's why behind creating good content, you should focus on getting results.

Home Page: The homepage receives the most website traffic, so it is important to optimize this page to attract potential customers. To do this, a call to action must be added and some content that draws the attention of users to sign up or request a trial of the product or service must be added. In short, you must find a way to unify the page's message with the business objective.

- Correct use of words: To generate leads, the word “business” should be used, ie: verbs. In this sense, it is convenient to create strong headlines using verbs that call to action or that spark readers' curiosity. Strong verbs are defining and descriptive verbs and are used to communicate a direct message. This type of lead generation not only works with a website, but can also be used in social networks or emails.

-Register with Google: Users are increasingly concerned about privacy, so many do not trust those sites that ask for information such as name, phone number, or email address. If you notice that many services, such as Pinterest or Flickr, allow users to sign in with Yahoo! Or Google, because everyone has one nowadays. Nowadays, it is not necessary to require a large amount of information to generate a lead, instead, it is convenient to choose to make the process easier and allow them to sign up with their Facebook or Google accounts.

Specialization: Sales and leads work differently, so it is convenient to have a specialized lead generation strategy and one for sales. To generate leads, landing pages must be created and continually improved through tests and experiments.

An offer you won't be able to resist: Finally, lead generation builds on customers who say "yes." To do this, you must offer something irresistible. If you still miss this point after a lot of dedication and analysis, the problem may be an unattractive presentation to the audience. An irresistible offer should offer something rare, appropriate and sought-after grand and exclusive.

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