Cryptocurrency optimism: Prices are rebounding

After the May-June disaster, it seems that cryptocurrency is making a comeback. Bitcoin, the most representative cryptocurrency, and its price as a guide to the rest of the cryptocurrency, is in the $45,000 mark after falling to the $30,000 abyss. But it's not the only cryptocurrency to recover, proving that the recent drop was not (and has not yet occurred) the latest.

In fact, even though most cryptocurrencies have not yet reached their prices before May, some milestones have been achieved. This is the case of ADA or Cardano, who have crossed $2 again and are still a few cents away from their all-time highs. This exceeded Tether's market cap and led Cardano to the top 3 cryptocurrencies with the highest carpet cap.

Ethereum once again crossed $3,000, a marked increase from the dips below $2,000 in recent months, although it is still far from its May peak of $4,300. Undoubtedly, the price increase, in addition to being due to the general trend, is also due to the increasingly upcoming launch of ETH 2.0.

The rest of the coins belonging to the top ten of the market cap are also swimming in green numbers. DOGE saw 73% growth in the past month, which indicates that its early years reputation hasn't completely faded, allowing it to maintain a 1,000% increase in value over last year. DOT has recovered about 50% of its price, and about 80% of its crypto-sister KUSAMA. In the case of the latter, the success of the first parachine (and with him, Karura, his coding partner) is an indisputable factor.

This broad growth gives reason to all those voices who indicated that during the massive drop in May, the best option was to accumulate more cryptocurrencies to take advantage of the lower prices.

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