Los mejores trucos para Safari en iOS

Best Tricks for Safari on iOS

Safari, the browser that Apple provides by default in its iOS operating system, has a large number of functions and features that can simplify working with it, but it is necessary to know the shortcuts and groups to activate it.

These are simple tricks that sometimes solve a need with a simple gesture, pressing a part of the screen, an icon or a menu in which unexpected options appear, but it always solves one of the most used smartphone applications such as a web browser.

- Open newly closed tabs: If your browser tab was closed by mistake or you want to restore a closed tab and the address is not remembered, you have to access the tab view where a menu with the “+” button will appear on the last open tabs, Which will be opened by clicking on the desired sign.

Close all tabs: When there are multiple tabs open, Safari allows you to close them all at once with the Done button that appears in the tab view (the icon with two squares).

Full Screenshot: For various reasons (such as reporting a technical issue), it might be interesting to be able to capture the entire screen. After pressing the combination necessary to capture the screen depending on the iPhone / iPad model used, a preview of the screenshot will appear, in its editor the option “Full Page” appears, which can be stored or shared by e-mail, application messages, social networks ...

Share a page using AirDrop: In addition to files, AirDrop allows you to send a web page that you want to share on another device. The process is as simple as pressing the share button (the square with the arrow at the top) in the Safari menu and (after you have previously activated the wireless Bluetooth connection) select the device you want to send to from among those detected.

-Search for text: As in other applications, including desktop browsers, you can search for a piece of text within the webpage you are browsing. To do this, you have to type the word or phrase in the search bar at the top and click on the “On this page” option at the bottom. Alternatively, this can also be done by accessing the share menu and selecting the 'Search Page' option.

- Swipe to start: When the web page is too long when it reaches its end, it will be necessary to scroll or swipe for a very long time to go back to its beginning, but this can be avoided as the function returns to a simple form Start with a short press on the clock that appears at the top of the screen . By the way, this function works not only in Safari but also in any other application.

Reading List: Allows you to save for later reading of web pages that cannot be enjoyed at any moment or that you want to save for later consultation, but without saving them in the Favorites section. Its operation is very simple: after clicking on the share icon, you need to select the option «Add to Reading List».

- Browse open pages on another device: The Handoff function allows access from one Apple device to web pages open on another device... as long as they all work with the same user ID, of course. This way, you can continue browsing from your Mac on a webpage that was left open on the iPad. To do this, you have to access the multi-windows menu in Safari that appears at the bottom of the screen by swiping up. An option will appear indicating which devices are available to continue browsing the web pages they were opened in.

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