Watch the Bayern Munich and Cologne match broadcast live

Watch the Bayern Munich and Cologne match broadcast live

Today 15 - 1 - 2022 in the German League

Bayern Munich enters this match and its goal is to compensate for its loss in the last round against Borussia Monchengladbach, with two goals to one, in the German League.

Bayern hopes to return to the winning streak in light of the convergence of points with Borussia Dortmund, who is in second place, as the difference between the two teams is only 3 points.

Bayern Munich raises the banner of challenge to Cologne, who is living a positive period after achieving 3 consecutive victories recently in the German League championship.

What is the date of the Bayern Munich match against Cologne in the German League?

Cologne will meet Bayern Munich at the Rhein-Energy Arena on Saturday in the 19th round of the German Bundesliga.

Cologne plays against Bayern Munich on Saturday afternoon at 4:30 Cairo time, 5:30 Mecca time, and 6:30 Abu Dhabi time.

Bayern Munich is at the top of the German league standings with 43 points, and Cologne is in sixth place, with 28 points.

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