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What is SEO positioning

You may have heard of the term but you don't really know what SEO positioning is, a concept widely used in digital marketing. SEO (acronym for the words in English Search Engine Optimization, or what is the same in Spanish, search engine optimization) are the techniques used to optimize a web page and thus improve its position in the results of Google search and other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo! What is intended with SEO positioning is that when a person searches in Google -or in any other search engine- a certain word related to a website, it appears first among the results that are displayed or, at least, that it does so among the first positions.By appearing well positioned in the search results, it will be more possible for users to click on the link that leads to that web page. This will derive traffic to that website and, potentially, also customers likely to acquire the products or services that are offered on it. That is why SEO positioning is so important for any SME, business or large company, because it is a way to obtain income and increase the portfolio of subscribers and clients that also does not require an investment (it is not about paid ads) but that is obtained naturally.

The “only investment” is to optimize the website so that, in this natural way, it attracts customers and users by being able to position itself well in the search results of Google and the rest of the engines used on the Internet.

However, we say "only investment" because although it does not require the payment of a fee or to make an expense to advertise a certain product or our website, SEO positioning does require a series of knowledge, techniques and skills that companies they will have to invest to get it, either by hiring an SEO professional, or an SEO positioning agency or by carrying out technical improvements on their website that require development (and therefore, an expense).

Going to the best professionals in this regard to obtain more information is essential. The main thing is to try to understand how the algorithm of Google and the rest of the engines works, although it is true that more than 95% of searches around the world are carried out through the search engine of the Mountain View company.

The Google algorithm takes into account hundreds of variables to determine which search result shows first and in what order the rest are shown. In addition, the company constantly changes these principles that it takes into account, so it is necessary to be very attentive to the latest trends in SEO positioning to ensure that the web appears reflected in the best possible position in the search results. That is why professional help is needed.