4 new privacy tools that Twitter will add


4 new privacy tools that Twitter will add

Twitter has published a series of ideas it is working on to improve privacy and coexistence on the platform. Lena Emara, the company's product designer, shared some lines of Twitter's work and confirmed that these ideas have yet to be developed. It also asked the Twitter community for feedback to modify the tools according to users' needs.

There are four divisions in which Twitter seeks to update itself to protect user privacy and create a healthier conversation on the social network. Along the same lines, in recent months, the social network has introduced a function that asks the user to think twice about offensive responses or a button to undo the tweet.

Privacy groups: One of Twitter's main areas of work in this regard is what it calls "privacy checks." This tool will allow the user to have more control over his interactions on the network.

This would be a feature that would provide greater flexibility in deciding which users can see and reply to posts; Tweets that are only visible to any person or circle of friendly users. According to screenshots of the model shared by Emara, this "privacy check-in" will allow you to choose, for example, which users can tag you in photos, send you private messages, or read the account's tweets and likes.

-Replies and reactions: The user has protected their account, so they choose not to be able to read their tweets by anyone who does not follow them, they may write a response to a tweet posted by someone who does not follow them.

In this case, Twitter will display a box with a reminder for the user to decide whether they want that particular Tweet to be public or if they prefer to keep it private, and thus only accessible to their followers.

Multiple accounts: This tool is designed keeping in mind users who manage multiple Twitter accounts. To prevent the user from confusing the user and tweeting from one account what he should have posted on another, the social network will display clearer information that will allow to determine which profile he is working from. This will be achieved by clearly displaying the name and profile picture of the account.

Hide in searches: Twitter expects that it will allow users to configure an option to decide whether or not their personal files can be found from a web search engine. If a user wants to protect their account from interaction with third parties, they will have the possibility that if a third party enters their username in the search bar, they will not be able to find the account.

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