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One of the worst kept secrets in the industry today is Google TV's intentions for a 1Gbps FTTP network in Kansas City. Google is really shy about their video plans, they do their best to offer a "no comment" when asked. But we do know that they are creating a video address in Council Bluffs, IA and that they have applied for and received government regulatory approvals for a video service.

I think it's safe to say that Google is going to offer some kind of video service in Kansas City and I think it's going to be IPTV. This begs the question - what middleware will they use? Certainly not Microsoft Mediaroom. This might be the equivalent of saying, Apple offers an Android version of the iPhone. Put a file in the "won't happen" folder. Maybe Minerva? Certainly reasonable, but unlikely.

It is most likely an IPTV middleware platform developed by Google. In fact, two independent internal sources confirmed to me that Google is doing just that - developing its own middleware platform. This is definitely not positive evidence that it will be shown in Kansas City (or anywhere else). Google has been known to change course and even kill projects that are still in development or even released. They are not afraid to change course, which could apply to this middleware project, the IPTV aspect, or even the entire FTTP project.

But let's say their intermediate project never sees the light of day and begins in Kansas City. This is all just guesswork on my part, but here is a partial list of the capabilities we might see with Google's new middleware platform:

Google TV integration - Although Google TV hasn't spread in large numbers as a standalone product, I imagine it will be the basis for these middleware. This means a better TV search experience, tighter integration of OTT content, and a growing app market.

YouTube portal - I imagine Google will find a great way to create some form of YouTube portal, not just a regular YouTube channel like what is currently offered on 3rd party STB devices.

Cloud Integration - The recent rebranding of the Android Marketplace to Google Play has revealed a cloud approach to accessing content. I suspect we'll see a nice integration of cloud access to cached content in these middleware, provided the content rights allow it. This means close integration and access to content between your TV, Android smartphones and tablets, and Chrome.

Smartphone integration - IPTV providers like AT&T and many smaller carriers have done a good job integrating communications apps into the TV experience, including TV caller ID, TV voicemail, etc., on smartphones. How about a TV caller ID for your smartphone and texting from the TV to get you started?

Social TV - In addition to the traditional Facebook and Twitter apps for TV, search Google for creative ways to feature and integrate Google+ on your middleware platform.

Google Ads - Google was already sniffing out the TV advertising business. Their IPTV network can be a great test to fine-tune their Google TV ad model. We often forget that the core of Google's business is advertising.

  1. Android Xtream iptv apps

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This is on

Contrasting delivery through traditional terrestrial, satellite and cable television formats. Unlike media that

Downloaded, IPTV provides the ability to stream source media continuously. As a result, your media player can

Customers start playing content (eg a TV channel) almost instantly. This is known as media streaming.

Although IPTV uses the Internet protocol, it is not limited to broadcasting television from the Internet

(Internet TV). IPTV is widely deployed in subscriber-based communication networks with access channels

High speed to end user premises via decoders or other customer premises equipment. IPTV is used

Also for presenting media about corporate and private networks. IPTV in communications is characterized by a process

Continuous for standardization (eg, ETSI).

  1. Channels available in this app

Arabic channels German TV channels Indian TV channels Persian TV channels Kingdom TV channels

United beIN SPORTS Network OSN Network Cartoon Channels For Kids Music Channels African TV Channels

IPTV services can be categorized into live TV and live media, with or without relevant interaction; time change

For media, for example, TV catch-up (replays a TV show that aired hours or days ago), start

Turn on TV (replays the current TV program from its beginning); And Video On Demand (VOD) includes browsing

Elements of the media catalog and its display Natural gas will reach 80 million citizens within 3 years, according to statements by the Minister of Petroleum.

Earning from the Internet for beginners iptv

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And profit without capital, and without experience, and in order to profit from the Internet 2021, there are many, many different ways of profit for Egyptians and Arabs

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